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PLD Linux VM images

I'm creating regularily (with Jenkins CI and Veewee) Vagrant base images (.box).

To use them in Vagrant, see specific usage instructions

The .box files are importable by VirtualBox if renamed to OVA (Open Virtualization Archive) extension (.ova), The convience symlinks are on ftp as well.

To convert images to qemu qcow2 format, extract .box file (it's gnu tar format) and execute:

$ tar xf
$ qemu-img convert -c -O qcow2 box-disk1.vmdk pld64.qcow2
$ qemu-system-x86_64 --enable-kvm -m 512M -drive if=virtio,file=pld64.qcow2

If you get error like qemu-img: 'image' uses a vmdk feature which is not supported by this qemu version: VMDK version 3, you can convert it with VBoxManage and try again:

VBoxManage clonehd box-disk1.vmdk --format VMDK box-disk2.vmdk

The problem is worked on, but not yet in qemu as of 1.7.0.

Grow a disk

The VM contains 80GiB disk in LVM PV, default LVM allocation is rather minimal to get base packages installed and may be small when you actually copy files there.

To increase rootfs by 2GiB:

poldek -u xfsprogs
ldconfig # due rpm5 bug
lvextend --size=+2G /dev/sys/rootfs
xfs_growfs /

Packages listing

Packages listing of the vm image. This is base image, thus containing only packages that you can ssh in

Full list of packages in 20160511 release (total of 133):

   cpio                         2.12-1             GNU cpio archiving program
   gzip                         1.6-2              GNU gzip file compression
   tar                          1.28-2             A GNU file archiving program
   vim                          7.4.1236-4         Vi IMproved - a Vi clone
   findutils                    4.6.0-1            GNU Find Utilities (find, xargs)
   which                        2.21-1             Displays where a particular program in your path is located
   openssh-clients              7.2p1-3            OpenSSH Secure Shell protocol clients
   openssh                      7.2p1-3            OpenSSH free Secure Shell (SSH) implementation
   bash                         4.3.42-1           GNU Bourne Again Shell (bash)
   mksh                         52c-1              MirBSD Korn Shell
   acl                          2.2.52-2           Command and library for manipulating access control lists
   attr                         2.4.47-2           Utility for managing filesystem extended attributes
   blockdev                     2.27.1-2           Support for blockdev
   chkconfig                    1.6-1              Updates and queries runlevel information for system services
   coreutils                    8.25-1             GNU Core-utils - basic command line utilities
   cracklib-dicts               2.9.6-1            Standard dictionaries (/usr/share/dict/words)
   fsck                         2.27.1-2           Check and repair a Linux file system
   geninitrd                    12757-2            Creates an initial ramdisk image for preloading modules
   glibc-misc                   2.23-1             Utilities and data used by glibc
   kmod                         22-2               Linux kernel module handling
   ldconfig                     2.23-1             Create shared library cache and maintains symlinks
   libfuse                      2.9.4-1            Filesystem in Userspace
   login                        2.27.1-2           login is used when signing onto a system
   lvm2                         2.02.132-3         The new version of Logical Volume Manager for Linux
   mingetty                     1.08-2             A compact, console-only getty
   mount                        2.27.1-2           Programs for mounting and unmounting filesystems
   okas                         1.6-151            glen's (and others) vision of nice linux setup
   pci-database                 0.20-1             PCI hardware identification data
   poldek                       0.32.1-2           RPM packages management helper tool
   procps                       3.3.11-1           Utilities for monitoring your system and processes on your system
   psmisc                       22.21-1            Utilities for managing processes on your system
   sudo                         1.8.15-1           Allows command execution as root for specified users
   util-linux                   2.27.1-2           Collection of basic system utilities for Linux
   v86d                         0.1.10-3           uvesafb userspace helper that runs x86 code in an emulated environment
   grep                         2.24-1             GNU grep Utilities
   less                         481-1              Text file browser -- less is more
   mawk                         1.3.4-0.20131226.2 An interpreter for the awk programming language
   sed                          4.2.2-2            A GNU stream text editor
   kernel-3.18-virtualbox-guest 5.0.18-2@3.18.31_1 VirtualBox kernel modules for Linux Guest
   kernel-3.18                  3.18.31-1          The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system)
   FHS                          2.3-39             Basic FHS 2.3 filesystem layout
   SysVinit-tools               2.88-18            Tools used for process and utmp management
   SysVinit                     2.88-18            System V initialization program
   VirtualBox-guest             5.0.18-1           VirtualBox Guest tools
   basesystem                   2.99-9             Skeleton package which defines a base of PLD system
   busybox-initrd               1.23.2-1           Static busybox for initrd
   device-mapper                2.02.132-3         Userspace support for the device-mapper
   filesystem                   4.0-46             Common directories
   grub2-platform-pc            2.02-0.beta2.6     PC BIOS platform support for GRUB
   grub2                        2.02-0.beta2.6     GRand Unified Bootloader
   hostname                     3.17-1             Utility to set/show the host name or domain name
   issue                        3.0-6              PLD Linux prelogin message and identification file
   libutempter                  1.1.6-5            Privileged helper for utmp updates
   pam                          1.1.8-8            Pluggable Authentication Modules: modular, incremental authentication
   pld-release                  3.0-7              PLD Linux release file
   pwdutils                     3.2.19-4           Utilities to manage the passwd and shadow user information
   rc-scripts                   0.4.15-4           inittab and /etc/rc.d scripts
   rpm-base                     5.4.15-32          RPM base package - scripts used by rpm packages themselves
   rpm-whiteout                 1.41-4             PLD Linux RPM macros dealing with loop errors
   rpm                          5.4.15-32          RPM Package Manager
   run-parts                    0.4.15-4           run scripts or programs in a directory
   setup                        2.9.0-4            Simple setup files
   systemd-units                221-13             Configuration files, directories and installation tool for systemd
   tzdata                       2016c-1            Timezone data
   udev-core                    221-13             A userspace implementation of devfs - core part of udev
   udev                         221-13             Device manager for the Linux 2.6 kernel series
   gpm                          1.20.7-1           General Purpose Mouse support for Linux
   vagrant-guest                1.7.4-5            Vagrant guest
   dlm-libs                     4.0.3-1            DLM libraries
   gettext                      0.19.7-2           Utilties for program national language support
   audit-libs                   2.4.4-5            Dynamic audit libraries
   beecrypt                     4.2.1-7            The BeeCrypt Cryptography Library
   bzip2-libs                   1.0.6-2            libbz2 library
   ca-certificates              20160104-2         Common CA Certificates PEM files
   cracklib                     2.9.6-2            Password checking library
   cyrus-sasl-libs              2.1.26-5           cyrus-sasl library itself
   db5.2-sql                   SQL layer for Berkeley database library
   db5.2                       Berkeley DB database library for C
   device-mapper-libs           2.02.132-3         Device-mapper shared libraries
   elfutils-libelf              0.166-1            Library to read and write ELF files
   glibc-libcrypt               2.23-1             glibc library for crypt(3)
   glibc                        2.23-1             GNU libc
   gmp                          6.1.0-1            GNU arbitrary precision library
   gpm-libs                     1.20.7-1           GPM libraries
   heimdal-libs                 1.5.3-5            Heimdal shared libraries
   iptables-libs                1.6.0-1.vserver    iptables libraries
   kmod-libs                    22-2               Linux kernel module handling library
   libblkid                     2.27.1-2           Library to handle device identification and token extraction
   libcap-libs                  2.25-1             libcap library
   libcap-ng                    0.7.7-3            Next Generation of POSIX capabilities library
   libcom_err                   1.42.13-1          A Common Error Description Library for unices
   libedit                      3.1-1.20150325.1   Editline Library
   libfdisk                     2.27.1-2           fdisk library
   libgcrypt                    1.6.5-1            Cryptographic library based on the code from GnuPG
   libgomp                      5.3.0-2            GNU OpenMP library
   libgpg-error                 1.21-1             Library libgpg-error
   libmagic                     5.25-3             libmagic library
   libmnl                       1.0.3-2            A minimalistic user-space library oriented to Netlink developers
   libmount                     2.27.1-2           Library to handle mounting-related tasks
   libnscd                      2.0.2-4            Interface to communicate with the nscd daemon
   libselinux                   2.4-3              SELinux library and simple utilities
   libsemanage                  2.4-2              An interface for SELinux management
   libsepol                     2.4-1              SELinux binary policy manipulation library
   libsmartcols                 2.27.1-2           Library to handle tables and trees
   libtirpc                     0.3.2-1            Transport Independent RPC Library
   libuuid                      2.27.1-2           Library for accessing and manipulating UUID
   libxcrypt                    3.0.2-3            Crypt Library for DES, MD5, and Blowfish
   libxml2                      2.9.3-4            libXML library version 2
   linux-atm-libs               2.5.2-2            ATM on Linux - shared library
   lz4-libs                     r131-4             LZ4 library
   ncurses                      6.0.20151128-3     curses terminal control library
   nss-softokn-freebl           3.23-1             Freebl library for the Network Security Services
   openldap-libs                2.4.43-3           LDAP shared libraries
   openssl                      1.0.2h-1           OpenSSL Toolkit libraries for the "Secure Sockets Layer" (SSL v2/v3)
   ossp-uuid                    1.6.2-25           Universally Unique Identifier library
   pam-libs                     1.1.8-8            PAM libraries
   pcre                         8.38-1             Perl-Compatible Regular Expression library
   poldek-libs                  0.32.1-2           poldek libraries
   popt                         1.17-2             C library for parsing command line parameters
   readline                     6.3.8-2            Library for reading lines from a terminal
   rpm-lib                      5.4.15-32          RPMs library
   sqlite3                      3.11.1-1           SQLite library
   systemd-libs                 221-13             Shared systemd libraries
   udev-libs                    221-13             Shared library to access udev device information
   ustr                         1.0.4-4            String library with very low memory overhead
   xz-libs                      5.2.2-1            LZMA shared library
   zlib                         1.2.8-2            Library for compression and decompression
   ethtool                      4.5-1              Utility to control ethernet cards
   iproute2                     4.5.0-2            Advanced IP routing and network device configuration tools
   iputils-arping               s20151218-1        arping utility
   dhcpcd                       6.10.1-1           DHCP Client Daemon
   openssh-server               7.2p1-3            OpenSSH Secure Shell protocol server (sshd)
Public Keys
   gpg-pubkey                   e4f1bc2d-47b351f0  gpg(RSApub (PLD Linux Distribution 3.0 (Th)) <>)
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