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The PLD project developers accept different kinds of donations: money, equipment or services. At the moment, money and equipment donations can ONLY be transfered to individual developers.

You can also see the list of people and companies who already contributed and asked to be listed.

Donations of money

Although created by volunteers, there are PLD project related expenses that were, for a long time, paid by a few developers. These expenses include for example registering the domain.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to support PLD developers, contact

Donations of equipment and services

It's not possible, at the moment for PLD to purchase and maintain it's own computers and network connections. We therefore rely on donations of equipment and services from companies and universities to keep PLD connected to the world.

If your company or you have any idle machines or spare equipment (memory, ssd or hdd, network cards, etc) lying around, please consider donating them to us.

PLD maintains a list of hardware that is needed for various services.

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