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Our machines

Our infrastructure is distributed among several machines located in different geographic locations (in Poland and Slovakia). Those machines belong to universities or companies, who generously helped our project with such a contribution.

All those machines can be divided in two main groups: builders and the rest.

First group consists of those machines, whose primary task is to create rpm packages for our distribution. This is mostly accomplished by donating our project with an account (and a lot of CPU power), where we can prepare appropriate environment. Only Release Managers and a small group of experienced developers have access to those machines.

Each distribution line (Ra, Ac and Th) has separate, totally independent builder infrastructure, each consisting of source builder and binary builders (not true for Ra, where one of the binary builders played a role of source builder as well). Each binary builder usually resides on a separate machine.

Apart from binary builders, there are also other machines.

HostnameStatusDescriptionContactLast Modified
akcyzaworkingprimary web server, ftp mirror (, primary mx, listsadamg, averne2012-10-18 23:53
aksjomatunavailableankry2012-10-19 00:13
atlasonlineAc i386/i586/i686/athlon/amd64 builderarekm2016-07-23 12:35
carmeonlineDevelopers' machinearekm2016-11-28 23:12
ep09workingjabber, primary FTP, distfiles, Ac/Th src builderrmf2012-10-18 23:55
flyunavailableankry2012-10-18 23:54
forgeunavailablegausus2012-10-18 23:56
ixiononlinearekm2012-10-18 23:51
mamutworkinghomepage for , one of the's nameservers ( 23:53
naiadworkingTh x32 builderarekm2018-03-09 20:43
nereidworkingTh i686 builderarekm2018-12-10 22:55
oberonoffline, hardware problemsarekm2012-10-18 23:50
patrycjuszworkingadamg2012-10-18 23:52
phobosonlineWaiting for some task.arekm2012-10-18 23:50
rheaonlinebackup archivearekm2012-10-18 23:49
teamupdevelopers' machineaverne2012-10-18 23:52
thebeonlinedistfiles server, buildlogs webserverarekm2018-03-09 20:42
ymironlineTh x86_64 builderarekm2018-12-06 10:32
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