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This page describes build order of sending KDE packages to builders. Additionally :BRANCHNAME denotes that the package has branch specific changes comparing to HEAD

Only arts, kdelibs, kdebase should be sent first in this order, the rest of the list is for completeness to know which packages should be updated in case of new KDE release.

  1. arts:AC-branch (different version)
  2. kdelibs:AC-branch
  3. kdebase:AC-branch
  4. kdepim:AC-branch
  5. kdenetwork:AC-branch
  6. kdegraphics:AC-branch
  7. kdemultimedia.spec
  8. kdeartwork
  9. kdegames
  10. kdeadmin
  11. kdetoys
  12. kdeutils
  13. kdeaccessibility
  14. kdeedu
  15. kdeaddons:AC-branch
  16. kdevelop (different version)
  17. kdebindings
  18. kdesdk
  19. kdewebdev requires kdesdk
  20. kde-i18n noarch
  21. kdemodule-i18n (update %kdevelop_version) noarch

Regarding noarch packages:

do not send i18n stuff to all builders, its noarch and takes huge amount of time to build.
send it to i686 only and let ftp admin to know it must be copied to other archs.
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