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Summer of Code 2007

stats service

  • client / server collecting information about users' preferences, or better, packages popularity. I see it as an additional package which user has to enable himself (default configuration == do nothing), which would generate some sort of system's unique id and would frequently sent a bunch of information to the server:
    • architecture
    • detailed hardware info (no of cpu, memory, hdd)
    • list of packages installed
    • IP (for GeoIP localisation (country only))

It would be up to user to choose which information to send. Project shouldn't be PLD specific, so that other RPM based distros could use it.


  • (if trojan agrees) work on PLD's port to freebsd (to be specified), a working port could attract some potential users/developers.

pld infrastructure redesign

  • re-write or extend builder's infrastructure so that requires almost no interaction from RM. I know there are some TODOs (like hold an upgrade until a package is built on all architectures). That could be part of the project - other ideas include adapting bug tracking system to our needs (like… automatically assigning a bug to last commiter of the given package), or some rss feeds of new packages.

GUI for poldek

  • poldek is RPM packages management tool (think of yum, but faster and more robust). As of March, 2007 poldek lacks a GUI frontend. The aim of this project is to write such one using poldek's client library.

GUI installer

  • Aim of this project is to design and implement a GUI installer (or finish-up others work on Anaconda). Special bonus for designing an installer that could be easily extended to architectures other than x86/x86_64.

sparc rescue/live cd

  • One of the architectures PLD supports is SPARC. We are looking for a port of PLD LiveCD / PLD RescueCD to this achitecture.

PLD LiveCD united with a disk parition

  • PLD Live CD united with a disk partition, loop file on a FAT partition or a pendrive. This could also be integrated with rpm to allow temporary installs on the rw partition + an option to incorporate them with the CD or sane upgrades by replacing the CD with a new LiveCD (and resolving conflicts with the overlays from the rw partition).

Easy to use system's snapshot creating tool

  • A feature similar to Windows snapshots but better (of course! ;). A low-level implementation (this should be relatively easy) and a GUI (GTK or ncurses or whatever the hell you want or even all these combined) for easy creation of snapshots and reverting them back. (this should give us more beta testers because an installation of some unstable packages could be reverted and the system quickly repaired)
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