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CVS to Git Migration for PLD Linux using GitHub

This page describes initial plan using GitHub as PLD Linux packages primary repository, things described here are just historical view of the plan, not current state.

PLD Linux Github Organization is currently used to mirror

This page describes migration of PLD Linux CVS Packages repository to github.

Organization in github as been done:, later referred as Organization.

PLD Developers wishing to join Organization, should create account in GitHub, and Organization Owners will add them to Team named Developers.

Each developer should set their <login> as e-mail alias in GitHub (Account Settings→Email Addresses)

Migration Tasks

Migration test was done using cvs2git, that is not incremental (but semi-incremental achieved with rsync.log).

  • full git cvsimport (using local cvs files copy): ~470 minutes
  • Secondary git cvsimport time (local cvs mirror): ~580 minutes
  • git cvsimport size: 4.8G
  • git root bare size: 3.2G
  • imported users will be in authors file, people can claim their identities by adding their @pld emails to their accounts in github

You can clone from test import at carme:~glen/git/pld-git/git-import (via ssh)

Scripts used to do the import:

git cvs convert todo

  • cvsps to understand cvsnt “Commit Identifier”. FIXED: cvsps patched
  • fix problematic packages:
    1. libghttp, cvsps loops on libghttp-fixlocale.patch (two revisions 1.1)
    2. kernel - cvsps loops on kernel-ppc.config
    3. fltk2, classpath, joomla
    4. vim : spec.vim: cvs checkout: Skipping `$Log$' keyword due to excessive comment leader.
  • latin2 commit messages. Test packages: mutt, audiocut. RESOLVED: see cvs2git.options
  • cvs branches not imported Test package: audiocut. FIXED
  • unnamed branches will be converted to tags: cvs-<BRANCHPOINT>. test packages: nagios-alert-jabber, nagios-plugins * <del>trim $Log:$ on importing?. DONE
  • filter out imported archives: .tar, .gz, etc?
  • maybe we should set Comitter to value other then Author during conversion, so could later identify cvs and git commits.
  • remove %changelog from old commits. DONE
  • what to fill to .git/description? just package name?
  • what to do with removed packages. suggestion: clone them to pld-linux-obsolete organization in github and drop in pld-linux
  • ideas: register pld-projects for storage of non-packages from pld cvs/svn (geninitrd, rc-scripts, …)

We decided to try github hosting:

  • supports organizations
  • each dev is responsible for maintaining his own account (public key upload, password resets etc. handled by a web panel)
  • has group-based ACL
  • has commit hooks (can write our own and github will then enable them for all users)
  • sent a request asking if they'd agree to host us for free, we have a green light
  • github has polish interface translations, most devs should be happy? :D
  • what to fill to Summary and URL fields (parse from .spec?)
  • automate creation of new packages via GitHub API. DONE: currently can add and create repos.


  • builder script
  • pld builder automation (building, auto tagging)
    minimal changes required; see:
  • restricting who can delete tags (auto-xxx tags should not be altered by humans)
  • $log: keyword support for .spec, also $Revision: and $Date:
    • $Revision and $Date dropped
    • %changelog generated by git log in builder script (implemented)
    • ciabot, mailinglist notification, commit acl rules

Changes to Developer

Adoption of new commit message formatting rules

Action Before (CVS) After (Git)
add new package ../builder -a PKG or cvs add PKGDIR Org Owner in github has to create it
rename package send rename request to cvsadmin@ rename in github yourself
delete package remove all sources from cvs package should be pushed to pld-linux-obsolete and Org Owner in github has to delete it in pld-linux
update from remote
cvs up
git pull --rebase
checkin single file
cvs ci
git add; git commit; git push
checkin all changes
cvs ci
git commit -a; git push
find string from all packages
grep -r oauth_ SPECS
use web search. Sample Search
list all pkgs
cvs ls packages
use json api. sample
see old patches look into Attic/ in cvsweb
git log --pretty=format: --name-only --diff-filter=D
restore old removed file look into Attic/ in cvsweb and
cvs up -jHEAD -j$DEAD_REV and commit
1. get sha:
git log -- FILE

2. get contents:

git show HASH:FILE

Other Readling:


commands that work and have alternatives

./builder -g PACKAGE
fedpkg co PACKAGE; cd PACKAGE; fedpkg sources
./builder -ba PACKAGE
fedpkg local
fedpkg compile --short-circuit
fedpkg install --short-circuit
fedpkg unused-patches
cvs diff
fedpkg diff
./builder -bs PACKAGE
fedpkg srpm
rm -f *; cvs up
fedpkg clean


  • switch _builddir, _srpmdir and _rpmdir to packages/NAME when invoked from fedpkg?
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