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PEAR Packages in PLD Linux

Creating new PEAR Package

Install php-pear-PEAR_Command_Packaging package.

To prevent such messages on console:

WARNING: channel "" has updated its protocols, use "channel-update" to update


$ sudo pear channel-update
Updating channel ""
Update of Channel "" succeeded

Download tarball

$ pear download Text_Wiki_Cowiki
Failed to download pear/Text_Wiki_Cowiki within preferred state "stable", latest release is version 0.0.2, stability "alpha", use "channel://" to install
Cannot initialize 'Text_Wiki_Cowiki', invalid or missing package file
Package "Text_Wiki_Cowiki" is not valid
download failed

It might complain that the package is not in stable state, then force another state:

$ pear download Text_Wiki_Cowiki-alpha
downloading Text_Wiki_Cowiki-0.0.2.tgz ...
Starting to download Text_Wiki_Cowiki-0.0.2.tgz (23,915 bytes)
........done: 23,915 bytes
File /home/glen/rpm/pld/SPECS/Text_Wiki_Cowiki-0.0.2.tgz downloaded

Now you can make PEAR to make the specfile:

$ pear make-rpm-spec Text_Wiki_Cowiki-0.0.2.tgz
Wrote RPM spec file php-pear-Text_Wiki_Cowiki.spec

Filter, test, edit the created spec via:

$ ./ php-pear-Text_Wiki_Cowiki.spec

Now cleanup the void rpm if statements (%if 0), test, check %dir and other %file section items, build and commit to CVS.

also worth running SPECS/ in /usr/share/pear after you've installed your new package to see if all dirs are owned properly.

Updating PEAR Package

… and filter through ./ script. of course verify the diffs it makes, as it is still not perfect.


Only php-pear-PEAR subpackages should depend on php-pear-PEAR, ohers should use just php-pear-PEAR-core dependency. of course you need to test to be sure that it is so.

For optional packages a textfile is created and output in %post. The optional packages are excluded from requirement using rpm macro _noautoreq defintion in spec.

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