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Iceape is a PLD Linux effort to create freely distributable version of SeaMonkey - all-in-one internet application. Iceape is almost completely compatible with SeaMonkey. Most add-ons designed for original application will also work with this one.
NOTE: PLD Linux Iceape differs from Debian project with the same name.


There are many useful extensions on Make sure to check whether the add-on is compatible with SeaMonkey and is not specific for Windows platform. You should be able to install most of them in your personal directory.

There are some extensions which must be installed as global applications, asking you to run Iceape as root to be able to do it. Don't. The package should already be in PLD Linux - use poldek.

Some extensions you may find useful

  • FlashBlock – blocks flash content from loading
  • xSidebar – extension that brings the look and feel of Firefox style sidebars

Extension package request

If you find any extension which must be installed as root you may add information about it on this page. The information should include name of the extension, link to SeaMonkey compatible version and a short explanation why it must be installed as root (like: “global application” or “needed for additional functionality”).

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