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Anaconda PLD Linux notes

Anaconda installer

Creating livecd

Start by creating the Live CD root. Necessary steps are described at Linux Live.

Next install the anaconda package into the new root:

# poldek -r /path/to/root -U anaconda

You will need to load all the necessary file system modules, so put the following into /path/to/root/etc/modules:


Also make sure the kbd package is installed and configured to start consoles in UTF-8 locale.

Then proceed with the rest of the steps and create an ISO image.

Creating repodata

To get an idea of how installation works, see the following graph:

As the installer will depend on repodata, you'll need to create repodata in your PLD Linux Distribution mirror.

cd dists/ac/PLD/i686
umask 2
createrepo -g comps.xml -c /tmp/cache1 -v PLD/RPMS/

th/ac ftp admin could generate repodata with:

$ gen-indexes ready

the comps.xml that is used for generation is at:

$ l ~/ftp/.stat/repodata/comps.xml
-rw-r--r-- 1 pldth pldth 114K 2008-01-06 19:09 /home/pld/admins/th/ftp/.stat/repodata/comps.xml

and in CVS:

NOTE Currently PLD Linux AC and TH already have repodata on ftp.

Invoking anaconda

After you've successfully booted from livecd and logged into root shell, invoke anaconda:

anaconda -T -m

Please note that http installation is preferred to ftp due to the way yum (current backend) works. It fetches package headers using partial download and ftp does not offer that feature.

This will anaconda install from the selected url.

Testing changes

In order to test your changes without building a whole new CD, you can test Anaconda on your local system. To do so, go to the folder where your local build is and type:

sudo ./anaconda --test -T -m

You can also test the graphic mode using:

sudo ./anaconda --test -G -m

Installing a chroot

To install into a chroot, pass the -r command line switch:

anaconda -G -m -r /path/to/chroot

This will skip the partitioning steps and proceed with software selection and package installation.

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