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PLD distfiles handles storing external sources in distfiles.

The files are stored under /distfiles/by-md5/X/Y/HASH/FILENAME, for example: /distfiles/by-md5/8/1/81348932d5da294953e15d4814c74dd1/bash-4.3.tar.gz. files in distfiles itself are accessible by http and ftp protocols.

Using sources file

Besides indicating with # SourceX-md5 that source should be stored in distfiles, a combination of distfiles handler and builder macros, allow to use sources file.

sources file format: MD5-HASH *FILENAME, the asterisk is ignored. for example:

bf8d53d227829d67235927689a03cc7a  bash43-004
c0c00935c8b8ffff76e8ab77e7be7d15 *bash43-005

As you can see, there's no url in that file, to indicate where to fetch, You should have SourceX with same basename in your .spec:


patchset macro

Listing sources in .spec and sources file can be annoying and duplicate work.

Therefore %patchset_source macro was created.

in Preamble define %patchset_source to inject to .spec file extra SourceX definitions:

%patchset_source -f 1 %{patchlevel}

this would parse:

$ rpm -E '%patchset_source -f 1 3'

Manually forcing distfiles fetch

use make-request -df paramter:

$ ./ -n bash:master -df
Distfiles Request: bash:master via /usr/sbin/sendmail


  • Uploading to dropin can be done using scp to either or
    • SSH keys are copied from the git@ authorized_keys to the dropin@ authorized_keys using a gitolite hook (~git/.gitolite/hooks/gitolite-admin/post-update.secondary), therefore it has to be writable by git user.
  • Openssh is configured to chroot both accounts into /var/lib/dropin and then run rssh which is configured to only allow scp transfers.
    • There's a minimal env in /var/lib/dropin that contains rssh and scp.
  • Uploaded files end up in /var/lib/dropin/dropin.
    • Stale files get deleted after 30 days by tmpwatch.
  • The scripts responsible for sending the files from dropin to distfiles (and then deleting them from dropin) are in ~dfadm/distfiles.
    • is run from dfadm's crontab every minute.
    • is a simple inotifywait-based script that always runs in the background (started from rc.local on system boot) and does a proper chmod on all uploaded files.
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