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Time zones are special settings, which are used to change Universal Time Clock (UTC) to a local time.

What we need is to install a tzdata package.

# poldek -u tzdata

Now edit the /etc/sysconfig/timezone file.


Time zones can be found in /usr/share/zoneinfo folder.

To apply changes - restart a timezone service

# service timezone restart

Time Sync

If your host BIOS clock is terribly wrong, you can fix the date from Internet:

  • using rdate, a rdate server from here:
    [root@rescue /pld]# date
    Sun Aug  3 03:35:46 CEST 2008
    [root@rescue /pld]# rdate -s
    [root@rescue /pld]# date
    Fri May 15 16:03:19 CEST 2015
  • using ntpdate

NB!: Don't forget to sync Hardware clock:

[root@rescue /pld]# hwclock                                                                                                                                                        
Sun Aug  3 03:39:30 2008  -0.720527 seconds
[root@rescue /pld]# hwclock --systohc
[root@rescue /pld]# hwclock           
Fri May 15 16:06:11 2015  -0.095274 seconds
[root@rescue /pld]# 


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