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Work in progress. Problems that need to get solved before migrating packages from CVS (and into a one-repo-per-spec configuration) is possible.

Note: certainly not to SVN (it's old), most likely either git or mercurial.


  1. A script that will assign all files in SOURCES to their relevant spec files (in SPECS) and list both orphans and duplicates. Mostly done. Look at (and hg clone
  2. A script that will do the actual CVS→somethingelse translation while preserving history of both sources and spec files.
  3. Some kind of configuration that will make it possible in a reasonably comfortable manner to do mass commits on SPECS, since they're a fact of life and quite useful.
  4. (well, the SPECS/builder script actually) needs to support the new way of fetching packages and tagging.
  5. Server-side rules needs to be enforce: auto-th tags can't be developer-assignable.
  6. New package repository creation (and maybe renaming) must be easy.
  7. Distfiles (with dropin) integration.

Problematic spec files

No revision 1.1: hlds.spec gkaraoke.spec webcleaner.spec wmusic.spec

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