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Installing cups

Install packages:

poldek:/all-avail> install cups hplip hplip-ppd

Testing config of hplip

In case of problems run (as user being in 'lp' group) hplip testing utility:


It will print url used in cups www interface.

libusb couldn't open USB device /dev/bus/usb/001/001: Permission denied.
libusb requires write access to USB device nodes.
  Device URI                                       Model                                          
  hp:/usb/HP_LaserJet_3050?serial=00CNSK531742     HP LaserJet 3050 

It may also detect scanners:

'hpaio' in '/etc/sane.d/dll.conf'...
OK, found. SANE backend 'hpaio' is properly set up.
Checking output of 'scanimage -L'...
libusb couldn't open USB device /dev/bus/usb/001/001: Permission denied.
libusb requires write access to USB device nodes.
device `hpaio:/usb/HP_LaserJet_3050?serial=00CNSK531742' is a Hewlett-Packard HP_LaserJet_3050 all-in-one

Start cups daemon.

Printer config (HPLIP)

Configure CUPS via it's web interface by opening page (be sure not use any proxy otherwise you will get noauth error): http://localhost:631/ select tab “Administration” click “Add Printer”. Wait while select “Local Printers”/“HP Printer (HPLIP)” click “Continue”. Paste device URI as detected in hp-check (in my case it was “hp:/usb/Officejet_4300_series?serial=CN68MGJ23N04GR”) Add Printer selecting name without spaces and other special characters, select ppd file for your brand of printer. Add also location (like host/root - useful for identifing which printer you wish to operate on) and if share checkbox.

Note for HP printers you can use alternate device: usb:HP/LaserJet%203050?serial=00CNSK531742 This probably (?) means no HPLIP code is used ? So it's worth to configure that printer too… Also there might be many ppd files for devices: <file>hpijs pcl3 3.10.2 (en) pcl3, hpcups 3.20.2 (en) </file> No idea what is difference - they come from different sources. In case of problems check ===== Printing from windows ===== ==== Using cups daemon (windows 2000 and up) ==== One options is make windows talk ( via IPP?) using urls taken from list of printers (open in www browser): <file> http:<hostname>:631/printers/ </file> pick printer url (copy url to buffer) you know it works like:


In windows select “add printer” select network url and past url from buffor, click next, add dirvers for printer if needed. If you do not have drivers use “MS Publisher Color Printer” driver from the “Generic” manufacture.

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