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Rules for building packages for PLD 3.0 (Th)

Concerning migration from PLD 2.0 (Ac)

Described rules differ from what developers might have gotten used to with PLD 2.0 development. Main thing to remember: nobody ever uses packages generated from test builds and normal builds result in packages being uploaded to the “test” tree. Be sure to read the info about user visible changes in Th since they also heavily impact development.

Mailing list

Reports from builders are always sent to the pld-log-th mailing list. It's usually a good idea to subscribe.

Request types

There are two types of requests for Th builders.

Test builds

Test builds are used only for testing if a given package builds. Requests sent with the test-build flag result in:

  • Packages being built but never automatically upgraded.
  • Package sources not getting tagged in our cvs repo (no auto-th-* tag)
  • RPM's getting uploaded to a hidden th/.test-builds tree on our ftp server. Files are automatically deleted from that tree after a couple of days and poldek indexes never get generated for them.

Normal builds

Normal builds are used for day to day package building. Packages built this way are uploaded to th/test tree and are potential candidates for inclusion into the main tree. Don't get overconservative with choosing what to send though – people using the test tree are expected to know their way around with poldek, so it's perfectly ok to send a not completely working package, say a snapshot. The destination tree is named “test” for a reason. Do note however, that developers are allowed to send requests for snapshots, but not to get those snapshots installed on our builders, since that might interfere with mainstream building (and get lots of people really irritated). There are also two modes for sending requests:

  • Autoupgrade – builders try to automatically upgrade to packages built from requests with the “upgrade” flag set. If that isn't possible, the requester is notified about it.
  • No autoupgrade – just builds the package and uploads it to the ftp server.
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