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AC builders accept requests only from packages on AC-branch

To see who has AC builders access, follow this link:

Asking developer to send package to builders

To avoid the frustration and misunderstanding you must be sure before asking somebody to STBR for you

1. that package as AC-branch tag:

$ ./builder -r AC-branch -bs PACKAGE.spec

2. for AC-ready it must have integer release

3. if you ask developer to STBR ALWAYS specify AC-test or AC-ready to avoid confusion

4. for AC-ready builds there may not be already existing auto tag (builders won't allow you to build), (unless you ask to rebuild same tag, which is probably what you didn't want).

5. if creating AC-branch make it TAG, not BRANCH if the file(s) (spec, sources) do not differ with one from HEAD. first it makes clearly understandable that HEAD==AC-branch, and secondly it prevents somebody commiting to AC-branch while AC-branch==HEAD and one should commit to HEAD and move AC-branch instead.

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