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upgrading ocaml requires rebuild of all ocaml packages. apparently this is because of the static linking between libraries.

to get the packages rebuilt in one run, special care must be taken to send the requests in certain order.

first ask someone with proper rights to remove current ocaml from builders

poldek -ev --noask ocaml ocaml-runtime

then start sending ;-)

  1. ocaml
  2. ocaml-lablgl
  3. ocaml-lablgtk
  4. ocaml-findlib
  5. ocaml-postgres
  6. ocaml-mysql
  7. ocaml-pcre
  8. ocaml-equeue
  9. ocaml-net
  10. ocaml-xstr
  11. ocaml-wlex
  12. ocaml-netclient
  13. ocaml-stew
  14. ocaml-pxp

the rest of packages need to be rebuild can be queried with this command

$ ac-requires ocaml-runtime
$ ac-requires ocaml
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