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Info about PLD 3.0 (Th)


PLD 3.0 is currently in an early stage of development so even quite radical changes are to be expected.


Supported architectures

Development of Th focuses on the following architectures:

  • AMD64
  • x86 (targets: i486, i686, athlon)
  • PowerPC

Support for Alpha, SPARC and i386 wasn't completely dropped, but those architectures will not be part of mainstream development. Additional information will be available at a later date.

Separate noarch target

In PLD 1.0 and PLD 2.0 noarch RPMs were placed alongside architecture specific packages. This changed in Th and now all packages are kept under paths corresponding to their target architectures (please see the next paragraph to see how to construct such a path).

Directory structure

In Th, RPMs can always be found under th/$treename/$architecture/RPMS/ directory. Currently “PLD” and “test” trees will be used (most users will probably want to stay away from the latter) and “upgrades-*” trees might be used after Th's official release. Do note, that the “ready” tree known from PLD 2.0 will not be used in any way that would make it usable to users (assuming it will be used at all).

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