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XULRunner upgrade procedure

PLD Ac and Th are using custom snapshots of XULRunner to provide libraries for all applications using Gecko engine (except Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey). To upgrade XULRunner you must create tarball with our snapshot sources. To do this checkout source from Mozilla CVS using branch of latest official Firefox release.

mkdir xulrunner-$version
cd xulrunner-$version
cvs -d co -r $tag mozilla/
cd mozilla
make -f checkout MOZ_CO_PROJECT=xulrunner
rm -f .mozconfig.*
cd ..
tar jcf xulrunner-$version-$(date +%Y%m%d)-source.tar.bz2 --exclude=CVS mozilla/

Be sure to change Firefox and XULRunner versions in example above to current ones.

Now when source tarball is ready you should adjust xulrunner.spec. Use your favourite editor and update version, snapshot and md5 sums. Do not commit yet! Try to build xulrunner.spec to see if some patches require update. If your machine is fast you may as well wait for whole build to complete.

If everything went ok you may upload snapshot tarball to your FTP account on When upload is finished all you need to do is to commit changes. Be sure to include CVE notes. You may obtain them from

Following specs must be rebuild after XULRunner upgrade on all PLD distros:

  • galeon.spec
  • epiphany.spec
  • epiphany-extensions.spec
  • kazehakase.spec
  • devhelp.spec
  • yelp.spec
  • liferea.spec

Additionaly for PLD 2.0 (Ac):

  • blam.spec

PLD Titanium and PLD 3.0 (Th):

  • totem.spec
  • gnome-web-photo.spec
  • python-gnome-extras.spec


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