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Table of contents

  1. Basic informations
  Installation manual 
  - [[:Docs:man:Minimal hardware requirements|/Minimal hardware requirements]] 
  - [[:Docs:man:Installing PLD based on Rescue CD|/Installing PLD based on Rescue CD]] 
  Administrator's manual 
  - Basic operation     
    - [[:Docs:man:Restarting and shutting down|/Restarting and shutting down]]  
    - [[:Docs:man:Starting:stopping particular subsystems|/Starting/stopping particular subsystems]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:Changing runlevels|/Changing runlevels]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:Managing packages|/Managing packages]] 
    System configuration        
    - [[:Docs:man:Device support (kernel modules config)|/Device support (kernel modules config)]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:Disks|/Disks]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:Init control| /etc/inittab:]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:Basic system configuration| /etc/sysconfig:]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:Printing|/Printing]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:X Window|/X Window]] 
    Network configuration       
    - [[:Docs:man:Interfaces|/Interfaces]]    
    - [[:Docs:man:Basic configuration|/Basic configuration]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:Internet access|/Internet access]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:Advanced routing|/Advanced routing]]      
    - [[:Docs:man:Services|/Services]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:VLAN configuration|/VLAN configuration]] 
    System administration       
    - [[:Docs:man:RPM package management|/RPM package management]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:Managing users|/Managing users]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:Viewing logfiles|/Viewing logfiles]]      
    - [[:Docs:man:Backup|/Backup]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:Rescue procedure|/Rescue procedure]] 
    - [[:Docs:man:Bootloaders|/Bootloaders]] 
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