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How to help with this site


It probably doesn't look like it, but this site is just a wikiwiki. MoinMoin to be exact. The theme was prepared specifically for it (style sheets mostly by Patryk Zawadzki), but most of the functionality remained unmodified.

Access restrictions

One noticeable modification is that this particular wiki requires being registered in order to make changes to it. Registration is currently opened to everyone, but in case of any trouble, this will change and additional restrictions will be added (of course developers will be granted accounts automatically).

How to make changes

Organization of this wiki is flat just like the organization of our repositories. This means that anyone can just press Edit and modify a page. It also means, that everybody is responsible for his/hers modifications and can get in trouble for breaking something. Especially since modifications are being reviewed in real time by at least a couple of developers (again, just as with our repositories). So do check twice before saving a modification.

Note to PLD developers

When registering, do try to use your CVS account names. Note: accounts here are not automatically synchronized with CVS's accounts. You have to manually create a new account and it's in everyone's best interest for you to use your CVS's account name.

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