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Info about PLD 2.0 (Ac)

Release Manager

Release Manager is who decides what goes what's not.

Current Ac Release Manager is Hawk.

PLD 2.0 RC1

On March 23rd PLD Linux Distribution team has announced release of PLD Linux 2.0 RC1 isos. Ftp resources contain 11 CDs for each architecture (i386, i586, i686, athlon, amd64 and ppc), miniiso (for i386, i586, i686 and athlon), DVD (for i686, amd64, ppc) and 14 CDs or 2 DVDs of source rpm packages.

Known bugs:

  • PPC isos are not bootable (will be fixed in RC2)
  • installation from i686 DVD iso fails on some systems (installer still have some serious problems, most of them should be fixed in RC2)
  • SMP version of 2.6 kernel hangs on non Intel main boards (new, completly reworked kernel packages are almost ready)


Due to many changes/problems/delays there will be no more RCs. Next version will be stable version. It didn't make it before October because Someone(TM) was updating only x86/amd64/ppc part of kernel.spec ignoring sparc and alpha. When kernel will be fixed for those two architectures I should be able to generate ISO images in two weeks.

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