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PLD code repositories

PLD is using two publicly available code repositories.

CVS repository

This repository can be found at The CVS repository hosts several projects, including the PLD spec file database.

To use it anonymously, use your cvs client to login to

Subversion repository

Our SVN repository can be found at It serves as a development place for several projects as well as an official home for PLD documentation.

Write access

Both repositories share the same user database. This means that gaining write access to the CVS repository will give you immediate write access to the subversion base as well. Documentation developers who are not directly engaged in spec file forging can get an account restricted to using SVN.


If you encounter a problem using either CVS or SVN PLD repositories, contact repository admins at Only maintenance emails and bug reports will be accepted. Do not contact admins asking questions about using repositories or begging for an account. If other developers decide you deserve an accout, you will be proposed one.

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