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 ---- dataentry host ---- ---- dataentry host ----
-Admin contactArkadiusz Miśkiewicz <arekm@> +Admin contact_people: arekm
 Hardware_wiki:​ SR1500AL ([[http://​​design/​servers/​boards/​s5000PAL/​index.htm|S5000PAL]] mainboard in 1U [[http://​​design/​servers/​chassis/​sr1500/​index.htm|SR1500]] chassis) ​ Hardware_wiki:​ SR1500AL ([[http://​​design/​servers/​boards/​s5000PAL/​index.htm|S5000PAL]] mainboard in 1U [[http://​​design/​servers/​chassis/​sr1500/​index.htm|SR1500]] chassis) ​
 Architecture:​ x86_64 ​ Architecture:​ x86_64 ​
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