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 ====== PLD on IRC ====== ====== PLD on IRC ======
-Many developers and users can be found on IRC. PLD uses mainly two channels - #pldhelp for users and #pld for developers (the latter is moderated)Both channels ​can be found on IrcNET and [[:FreeNode|FreeNode]]. +Many developers and users can be found on [[http://​​|freenode]] [[irc://​|IRC]] network. PLD Th uses channel **#pld**You can read everything while writting requires you to [[http://​​faq.shtml#​userregistration|register]] at freenode nickserv to be able to speak on channel. ​  
 +Note: Previously there was a bot linking #pld channel on freenode and ircnet network. This is no longer a case
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