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 Generate pair ( ''​id_rsa_matkor_pld_linux_app4''​ and ''​''​ in my case) Generate pair ( ''​id_rsa_matkor_pld_linux_app4''​ and ''​''​ in my case)
    ​ssh-keygen -f ~/​.ssh/​id_rsa_matkor_pld_linux_app4    ​ssh-keygen -f ~/​.ssh/​id_rsa_matkor_pld_linux_app4
 +<note warning>
 +**IMPORTANT**:​ ''​@app4''​ needs to be unique. use ''​sskm list''​ to see what names are used
 Add it (as key ''​app4''​ in my case): Add it (as key ''​app4''​ in my case):
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 Confirm (using -i of new key ): Confirm (using -i of new key ):
   ssh -i ~/​.ssh/​id_rsa_matkor_pld_linux_app4 ​  ​ sskm confirm-add @app4   ssh -i ~/​.ssh/​id_rsa_matkor_pld_linux_app4 ​  ​ sskm confirm-add @app4
 ===== More to read ===== ===== More to read =====
 http://​​gitolite/​sskm.html http://​​gitolite/​sskm.html
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