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 |**version**|**released**|**status**| |**version**|**released**|**status**|
 |PLD Ra/​1.0|22.11.2002|stable,​ EOL now| |PLD Ra/​1.0|22.11.2002|stable,​ EOL now|
-|[[:AcInfo|PLD Ac/​2.0]]|01.04.2007|stable| +|[[ac|PLD Ac/​2.0]]|01.04.2007|stable| 
-|[[:ThInfo|PLD Th/3.0]]| |stable, in endless development|+|[[th|PLD Th/3.0]]| |stable, in endless development|
-===== Unofficial Releases ===== 
-|[[http://​​|PLD Titanium]]|stable,​ in endless development| 
 ===== Current Status ===== ===== Current Status =====
 Current versions of PLD support the following architectures: ​ Current versions of PLD support the following architectures: ​
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